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China Airlines (CI)

CHINA AIRLINES China Airlines (CAL) is the largest airline and the flag carrier of Taiwan. Although not directly state-owned, the airline is owned by China Airlines Group, which is owned by the China Aviation Development Foundation, which is in turn owned by the government of the Republic of China. The airline, with headquarters in and flight operations from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, flies to destinations in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. China Airlines has a strong presence in the Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Northeast Asia. The airline started scheduled chartered flights between Taiwan and China on July 2008. Most flights serving this market are concentrated at Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. China Airlines has operated the Hong Kong route since 1967, which is the airline's most profitable market, generating 13.3% of its NT$121.9 billion revenue in 2006 with over 140 flights flown a week between Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong. China Airlines' wholly owned subsidiary, Mandarin Airlines, manages regional flights to secondary cities with smaller capacity requirements. China Airlines' cargo division China Airlines Cargo operates CAL's dedicated freighter fleet, and manages the cargo-hold capacity in CAL's passenger aircraft. Saiba mais →

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China Airlines Tarifas

China Airlines Informação detalhada

Código de Companhia CI
Callsignn DYNASTY
Founded 16
Founded 16
Parent China_Airlines_Group
Headquarters Taoyuan_County,_Taiwan Dayuan,_Taoyuan Taiwan CAL_Park
Logo size 180
Headquarter Taoyuan_County,_Taiwan Dayuan,_Taoyuan Taiwan CAL_Park
Hub airport Taiwan_Taoyuan_International_Airport Kaohsiung_International_Airport
Parent company China_Airlines_Group
Target airport Hong_Kong_International_Airport Suvarnabhumi_Airport Kansai_International_Airport
Formation date 1959-12-16

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